Conduct Code

On 31 March 2017, the Imesapi Group, which includes the Sermicro Group, approved a new Corporate Compliance Programme. The aim of this Programme is to promote a true business ethics culture and reaffirms the Group’s culture of respect for the law.

An active role has been taken in the fight against crimes in business activities and, for this reason, technical, organizational and specific personnel measures have been adopted, as well as surveillance and control measures, and the appropriate sanctioning regime to prevent any type of infractions or unlawful actions from occurring.

The design of the Corporate Compliance Programme includes and applies good practices for the prevention of criminal risks and the promotion of ethical business behaviour, in line with the requirements of the Criminal Code.

Any person who has knowledge or well-founded suspicion of any type of infraction or illegal action must report it through the following email address: or to the postal address, Canal Etico Grupo Sermicro, C/ Pradillo, 48-50. 28002 Madrid, Spain, or by leaving a voice message on the following telephone number: 911775278.

This channel is both a way to report non-compliance with the rules contained in the Code of Conduct, and a means to resolve any doubts that may arise from its application.

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