• Guarantees the perfect operation of the platform, both at HW and SW level,
  • Compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Specialized technical team with second level support to solve complex problems.
  • Use of specific materials in wiring systems, both electrical and protective.
  • Signature of the electric bulletin or CIE, when the operation requires it.

Service Desk

  • Support service with first level assistance for any incident resolution that the user may have.
  • Fast and efficient service for resolving incidents that do not involve attendance or remote second level action.

Remote monitoring and management:

  • Specialized technical assistance, which through connection to a WAN, can perform tasks such as system restart or pre-diagnosis.


  • Prompt response that returns operation to the load point in the event of a breakdown.
  • It guarantees mobility and avoids problems that make not possible the vehicle use, and that can cause any other expenses in the trip.
  • Extensive network of technical assistance points that, depending on the type of fault, provide a solution in NBD (Next Business Day).

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